Frankfurt am Main is Germany’s Internet capital. Consequently, the INTERNET AG provides its customers data center services for many roles at various locations involved in this extensive web site.

The different data centers in Frankfurt have different equipment and different Thus satisfy requirements.

The INTERNET AG Consulting team will support you in detail by choosing the right location for your project.


  • Operator: INTERNIC GmbH
  • Commissioning 1997
  • Capacity: > 10,000 servers
  • INTERNET AG-installed line capacity 640 Gbps (64x10G line)
  • Available Line-Carriers: German Telecom, Colt Telecom, Maineotk, Verizon, Gas Line, Global Crossing, Versatel, EuNetworks
  • 100% green energy power supply
  • Pipeline network nodes

Current supply

– Transformer capacity: 1.25 MVA
– Emergency power capacity: 0.75 MVA
– 2 spatially separate house connections
– Installed capacity UPS: 0.5 MVA
– Standard connection of the racks in N +1 redundancy of two different UPS / emergency power plant systems
– Smoothed and stabilized by UPS power quality, surge protection
– 2 separate power systems for bridge failures of the main supply


– 0.75 MW total cooling capacity as N +1 redundant system including free cooling

– At least N +1 cooling redundancy in each data center space
– Each data center room is furnished with at least 2 separate air conditioning systems
– Air extraction systems in all the hot aisles
– Up to near 8 kW power load for individual racks

Network connection

– 6 physically separated and irrespectively fiberglass in-house supply / network supply lines
– More than 1,000 fiber line installed capacity of the local carrier
– IP Connection to 6 different Tier 1 carriers (as of 03/2009: Deutsche Telekom, Abovenet, Global Crossing, Teleglobe, Telia, Tiscali.)
– 640Gbit / s installed capacity line (64 line connections with a maximum of 10G transmission capacity..)
– Routing System in N +1 redundancy consisting of many router systems (for example Cisco 6509, Cisco 12000)
– Redundant power to all core routers
– Separate DC UPS dedicated for buffering the core router

Other features

– Devices for detecting and extinguishing fires (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers)
– Spatial separation of the data center facilities and electricity facilities
– Division into different zones for more safety
– Electronic access system
– Alarm and Motion detectors
– Access to the data center by 2 door systems
– Physical access protection with logging (steel-/security doors and security locks)
– data center operating permanent since 1997 without operational restrictions, including maintenance
– True 24 / 7 service with 24 / 7 hotline and on-site staff
– SLA-guaranteed services







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