iNET Storage Enterprise

With iNET Storage Business a highly available, highly scalable and well-performing storage solution is available. Many cluster database applications can not be mapped on local disk solutions because several features are not available. For example, a local storage solution to scale is limited, as the number of disks is limited by the system.
The iNET Storage Business solution provides secured storage space via simple or redundant fibre channel connection to e.g. an HP storage system. It could also be connected via iSCSI over an Ethernet or Internet connection.
Disk failures are well tolerated, as well as a controller failure. By default, the iNET storage systems are connected to two different UPS systems with completely separate power supplies.

Standard Equipment

including 2x2Gbit connection to HP SAN switches (expandable up to 4x 8 Gbit)
including connection to HP-performance storage system
including redundant power supply
including redundant controller system
including hard disks and disk shelf redundancy
including scalable storage solution with up to 300TByte space
including delivery via Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN
including high-performance battery backed caching solution
including storage monitoring

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