iNET Mail Relay

iNET Mail Relay

from 29,00 € monthly base price

Many small and medium-sized companies run their mail servers from different considerations in their own premises.
Often this is done especially for the reason that the local mail server also takes over the user administration of the network.

One problem is the distribution of large mail servers newsletters. Locally bounded mail-servers often lack the capacity to work off extensive releases.

For all these scenarios the iNET Mail Relay service is the professional solution. A high-performance transmission of outgoing messages will be ensured. The relay-servers have redundant and dedicated Gigabit connections, a basically range of over 500 IP addresses at the same time-to-use and a white-listing at all the major providers such as Telekom,, GMX, etc, etc.

Standard Equipment

including iNET Enterprise Storage Server Systems with good performance connectivity, firewall protection and load balancing
including scalable solution, designed for high peak loads and buffer mode for breakdown of customer systems
including extensive monitoring and surveillance capacity to secure ongoning online operation
including several-site-concept and multiple redundant connections for permanent online operation
including connection to Cisco Hardware Load Balancing System
including connection to Cisco Hardware Firewall System

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