iNET Mail Service

iNET Mail Service and Spam Control

from 19,00 € monthly base price

Control Panel – is a web-based spam filter control center iNET offers its clients. It is available in currently seven different languages. works by providing Graphical User Interface (GUI) as a customer-friendly interface to the Application Programming Interface (API) of iNET email security solutions. Instead of entering complicated API calls to adjust the settings of your spam filter, you can make use of and perform advanced adjustments with ease.

The administration of the domains and the control of the filtering settings can be done directly via the API, or the multi-level control panel which is included for free in the installation. Besides being fully brandable, the control panel and user-interface currently makes use of a three-level role-based access control. A fourth level (Reseller) will be launched shortly.

User Levels

Cluster Admin – has full access rights and controls global settings for all domains, Reseller Admins, and filtering services on the cluster.
(Reseller Admin – has full access rights and controls global settings for all domains and filtering services of his subset of domains.)
Domain Admin – has full access to all settings adjustments enabled by his Admin or Reseller Admin and quarantine control of all users.
User – has full access to all settings enabled by his Domain Admin.







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