iNET Monitoring

iNET Monitoring

from 19,00 € monthly base price

Modern Internet applications require both: server and system monitoring. Thus, errors can be detected.
Without an early error detection a modern computer system can not operate long term.
For this purpose, in recent years the INTERNET AG has developed the iNET Monitoring.

It will monitor systems and services, recognized errors are reported and processed in accordance with escalation plans.
With the ability to set individual monitoring steps and combining this with individual escalation plans, a powerful system is available, which meets the requirements of a modern monitoring.

Both, the services and systems, can be monitored in hierarchies and dependencies, in order to keep the number of fault reports low.

Standard Equipment

including supervision of 100 systems or services (expandable to 10,000)
including high-availability monitoring solution
including own access to graphical user interface
including statistics and graphs
including selection of location system (eg, Frankfurt or Stuttgart)
including individual profiles for each service and each system
including failure-notice by email or SMS
including individual escalation plans
including configuration of dependencies
including external monitoring of the iNET Monitoring Systems
Individual configurations are available on request.

Let us know your favorite options! We offer individual monitoring service!






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