• Operator: Interscholz
  • Commissioning: 2001
  • Capacity:> 5,000 servers
  • Maximum usable INTERNET AG – Line Capacity: 5 Gb
  • Available Carrier: German Telecom, Colt Telecom, Level3, Telia, Versatel, EuNetworks
  • Pipeline network nodes

Current supply

– 1 MVA installed transformer capacity
– 2 spatially separate house connections
– 500kVA installed UPS capacity
– Connection of the racks as standard in N +1 redundancy of two different systems
– Smoothed and stabilized by UPS power quality, surge protection
– Power system for bridge failures of the main supply


– About 375kW cooling capacity of various cooling systems

– At least N +1 cooling redundancy in each data center space
– Each data center room is furnished with at least 2 separate air conditioning systems
– Air extraction systems in all the hot aisles
– Possibilty of Up to ~8 kW power load in individual racks

Network connection

– Several physically separated and irrespectively fiberglass house supply / power supply lines
– More than 1,000 fiber line installed capacity of the local carrier
– Numerous glass fibers of local carriers are usable
– IP Connection to 6 different tier1 carriers (as of 03/2009: Deutsche Telekom, Abovenet, Global Crossing, Teleglobe, Telia, Tiscali.)
– 5 Gbit / s transmission capacity installed (2 cable ports with 2.5 Gbps transmission capacity)
– Routing System in N +1 redundancy consisting of many router systems (for example Cisco 6509, Cisco 12000)
– Redundant power to all core routers
– Separate DC UPS for buffering the core router

Other features

– Means for detecting and extinguishing fires (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers)
– Spatial separation the data center facilities and electricity facilities
– Division into different zones
– Electronic access system
– Alarm and Motion
– Access to the data center via 2 door systems
– Physical access protection with logging (Steel-/security doors, security locks)
– Permanent data center operating since 1997 without operational restrictions, including maintenance
– True 24 / 7 service with 24 / 7 hotline and on-site staff
– SLA-guaranteed services






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