iNET Firewall L2

iNET Firewall L2

from 99,00 € monthly base price

Security has long been one of the most important issues when it comes to Internet services.
The iNET Firewall is a high-performance security system for any type of Internet service.
Attacks, scans, DOS attacks, etc. at first reach the iNET firewall, which can automatically defend against many of those adverse events.
Like all of the iNET services also the iNET Firewall is highly available, performant and scalable.
The iNET firewall is standrdized with a throughput of 10Gbit at up to 5mpps and therefore perfectly fits today’s applications.
The Inet Firewall L2 is a transparent Layer 2 firewall, so it can be easily integrated into an existing system, without the need of changing the IP addresses.

Standard Equipment:

including 1Gbit / s Firewall Service (expandable to 60GBit / s in Loadbalancingbetrieb)
including connection to up to 100 server- or application IP addresses (upgradeable to 50,000)
including evaluation of up to 5,000 connections per second (expandable to 400,000)
including up to 25,000 parallel TCP connections (expandable to 4,000,000)
including connecting to Cisco hardware firewall system
including Layer 3 routed NAT Firewall Setup
including DoS protection: DNS, Flood Defender, IP spoofing, ICMP, packet fragments, TCP Intercept / SYN cookies, Mail Guard
including active packet filtering for various tasks
including Inspection Protocol for various protocols
including the possibility of a combination with the iNET Load Balancing ervice
including high-availability support
Individual configurations are available on request.

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