All Customers within EU (exc. Germany) with valid VAT-ID and all customers outside the EU are billed net without VAT.

price list valid from 1.1.2012

one time
incl. VAT
ServerhousingServerhousing 1 rack unit69,00 EUR69,00 EUR82,11 EUR
ServerhousingServerhousing 2 rack units119,00 EUR119,00 EUR141,61 EUR
ServerhousingServerhousing 4 rack units189,00 EUR189,00 EUR224,91 EUR
ServerhousingServerhousing 8 rack units329,00 EUR329,00 EUR391,51 EUR
ServerhousingServerhousing 10 rack units359,00 EUR359,00 EUR427,21 EUR
Rackhousing1st Rack800,00 EUR800,00 EUR952,00 EUR
Rackhousing2nd rack and more760,00 EUR760,00 EUR904,40 EUR
Power-/Air cond. chargeper kWh0,37 EUR0,44 EUR
Leased Line2 MBit/s - 2,4 Gbit/sdepends on location
SDSL2 MBit/sfrom199,99 EUR
more server see online configuration at

IP Address Usage

one time
incl. VAT
IP30/30 Net10,00 EUR10,00 EUR11,90 EUR
IP29/29 Net20,00 EUR20,00 EUR23,80 EUR
IP28/28 Net40,00 EUR40,00 EUR47,60 EUR
IP27/27 Net80,00 EUR80,00 EUR95,20 EUR
IP26/26 Net160,00 EUR160,00 EUR190,40 EUR
IP25/25 Net300,00 EUR300,00 EUR357,00 EUR
IP24/24 Net500,00 EUR500,00 EUR595,00 EUR
VLANVLAN to IP Net5,00 EUR5,00 EUR5,95 EUR
VLANeach add. VLAN20,00 EUR20,00 EUR23,80 EUR
IPv6/64IPv6 /64 Net49,00 EUR------
IPv6/48IPv6 /48 Netz99,00 EUR------
IPv6 PIIPv6 PI Setup250,00 EUR------
IPv4 PIIPv4 PI Setup250,00 EUR------

Data transfer - depends on agreed accounting type

AreaProductnetincl. VAT
each started MBit95/590,00 EUR107,10 EUR
each TeraByte data transfer270,00 EUR321,30 EUR
each 100 GByte data transfer50,00 EUR59,50 EUR
each GByte data transfer1,00 EUR1,19 EUR

Additional features

Areanet one timenet monthlyincl. VAT monthly
APC Rack USV 1HE99,00 EUR39,00 EUR46,41 EUR
ISDN-Port at Server incl. ISDN-card and 3 MSN39,00 EUR39,00 EUR46,41 EUR
complete new server setup199,00 EUR------
Debian Distributions-Upgrade incl. full backup500,00 EUR------
add. 100 MBit/s Switchport49,00 EUR19,00 EUR22,61 EUR
add. 1000 Mbit/s Switchport49,00 EUR29,00 EUR34,51 EUR
dedicated Routerport 100 Mbit/s299,00 EUR99,00 EUR117,81 EUR
dedicated Routerport 1 GBits299,00 EUR199,00 EUR236,81 EUR
Access Powerswitch19,00 EUR19,00 EUR22,61 EUR
Access Consoleswitch19,00 EUR19,00 EUR22,61 EUR
Access KVM-over-IP-Switch49,00 EUR29,00 EUR34,51 EUR
Access KVM-over-IP-Switch temporary/up to 3 days usage49,00 EUR------
managed Server Service (OS)99,00 EUR99,00 EUR117,81 EUR
full managed Server Service299,00 EUR299,00 EUR355,81 EUR
Cisco Firewall Service49,00 EUR39,00 EUR46,41 EUR
Management VPN (1 Tunnel)49,00 EUR15,00 EUR17,85 EUR
VPN-access up to 5 clients249,00 EUR49,00 EUR58,31 EUR
Network monitoring ICMP each Server
incl. Service monitoring incl. 30 SMS
(Germany) monthly add. SMS 0,11 EUR excluding VAT
(Standard Linux)
29,00 EUR29,00 EUR34,51 EUR
Mail Relay(outgoing) per IP or Mail Backup-MX, each Domain/monthly29,00 EUR29,00 EUR34,51 EUR
Spamfiltering + Mail-MX, each Domain/mtl., unlimited Alias-Domains29,00 EUR29,00 EUR34,51 EUR
Kaspersky Antivirus for File-Server49,00 EUR19,00 EUR22,61 EUR
preinstallation Webmin/Usermin49,00 EUR------
Backupservice up to 1TByte brutto19,00 EUR19,00 EUR22,61 EUR
Cross Connect300,00 EUR


one time
incl. VAT
Plesk 10 Domain Rental License19,00 EUR19,00 EUR22,61 EUR
Plesk 100 Domain Rental License34,00 EUR34,00 EUR40,46 EUR
unlimited Domain Rental License49,00 EUR49,00 EUR58,31 EUR
Plesk Powerpack for Linux25,00 EUR25,00 EUR29,75 EUR
Customer & Business Manager (Unlim. Clients)25,00 EUR25,00 EUR29,75 EUR
Web Presence Builder 100 Sites15,00 EUR15,00 EUR17,85 EUR
Web Presence Builder 1000 Sites29,00 EUR29,00 EUR34,51 EUR
per add. Language6,00 EUR6,00 EUR7,14 EUR
Parallels Premium AntiVirus29,00 EUR29,00 EUR34,51 EUR
Plesk Installation fee (new install)99,00 EUR------
Plesk version upgrade199,00 EUR


Reseller & End Users
see domain price list & indiv. terms
Call for price list

SSL Certificates

An Overview of SSL Certificates can be found at
SSL Price list


Areanetincl. VAT
Executive, Area Manager2.500,00 EUR each day2.975,00 EUR each day
Consultant or Project Manager1.500,00 EUR each day1.785,00 EUR each day
Technical Staff1.300,00 EUR each day1.547,00 EUR each day
Executive, Area Manager360,00 EUR each hour428,40 EUR each hour
Consultant or Project Manager210,00 EUR each hour249,90 EUR each hour
Technical Staff180,00 EUR each hour214,20 EUR each hour
Helping Hands = counting each started 15min25 EUR / 15 min
Travel exp. etceach kilometer
Driving costs1,00 EUR1,19 EUR
Hotel, Expenses etcper-call respectively expense voucher
Railway, Airplaneexpense voucher
Order processing, contractual agreement250,00 EUR per server/monthly297,50 EUR per server/monthly

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

incl. VAT
Standard0,00 EUR0,00 EUR
Enhanced499,00 EUR593,81
Premium999,00 EUR1.188,81 EUR

Contract discounts/addons (Standard contract period is 12 Month)

AreaProductdiscount Rate
contract period 24 Monthdiscount-7,50%
contract period 36 Monthdiscount-10%
contract period 6 Monthextra charge+5%
contract period 3 Monthextra charge+10%
contract period 1 Monthextra charge+20%

Prepayment discounts (only for products > 80,-- EUR monthly)

Prepayment 12 Monthdiscount-5%
Prepayment 24 Monthdiscount-7,50%
Prepayment 36 Monthdiscount-10%






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