iNET Loadbalancer

iNET Loadbalancer Business

from 99,00 € monthly base price

Complex web applications are often not deliverable by a single server.
At this point, the iNET load balancer sets in.
The iNET Loadbalancer distributes the load to be delivered according to various criteria.
In this way, both reliability and a virtually unlimited scalability are assured.

As all iNET products the iNET loadbalancer is characterized by a robust equipment designed for continuous operating.
It is realized by Cisco’s high-performance hardware.
Furthermore, there are numerous facilities and options. For example,
SSL encryption, which allows extensive load relieving of the servers.
Even the standard model can be scaleed to 10GBit/5mpps.
The Enterprise version offers an extension to 60GBit/25mpps as well as many other extra features.

Standard Equipment

including 1Gbit / s load balancing service (expandable to 60GBit / s)
including connection up to 100 servers (expandable to 50,000)
including evaluation of up to 25,000 connections per second (expandable up to 1 million)
including up to 250,000 parallel TCP connections (expandable to 15,000,000)
including connection to Cisco Hardware Load Balancing System
including Layer4 to Layer7 load balancing support
including supported protocols: TCP / UDP, http, https, ftp, telnet, DNS, SMTP, RTSP
including support load balancing algorithms: round robin, WRR, least connection, WLL, source or destination IP, URL, SSL ID, cookie
including DDOS defenses: for example, SYN attacks are automatically blocked
including firewall combined with iNET L2
including high-availability support
Individual configurations available on request.

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