Security solutions are standard equipment accessories in today’s DP-routine. Secured data links are needed at various points of a modern network. A secured connection of multiple sites is one of the best examples.
But today, even more and more web servers are configured to website on VPN connections to minimize potential invaders or attacks .
The iNET VPN is an umbrella term for a variety of VPN solutions we indiviually provide for you. In addition to open source solutions like OpenVPN, products from manufacturers such as Cisco or Juniper Netscreen are available as well.
Our service team will build a variety of VPN solutions such as IPSEC tunnel solutions, dial-up VPN’s for field service and many more – everything by your specifications.
We use high-performance and scalable solutions which meet the highest standards and future-proof operating.

Standard Equipment

including 4Mbit / s VPN Service (expandable to 80GBit / s)
including use of secure encryption technologies (eg, AES or 3DES)
including debugging and VPN monitoring service
including installation of transparent VPNs to secure connection of Ethernet segments
incl iNET combined with firewall and firewall iNET L2
including high-availability support
Individual configurations are available on request.

Let us know your favorite options! We offer individual VPN service!






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